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The worldwide web is the biggest high street in the world. So how do you entice customers through your doors? With eyeball-grabbing ecommerce web design that’s simple, smart and memorable.

UX Design

How does your visitor feel when they land on your web page? Can they find what they’re looking for? What do they do next?

User experience design or UX is all about making your visitor the central character in the design and development process. We look at your customers’ goals, journeys and limitations. Then we use clever design and technical know-how to design and build websites that smoothly guide your visitor thorough the buying journey.


Wireframing is a crucial part of our design process. Think of it like an architect’s drawing

A digital wireframe gives you the bare bones of your site, and a clear idea of the page structure, layout, information architecture, how the site functions and your visitor’s journey. It also gives you the opportunity to test the site layout with stakeholders and make any final changes before we start the build.

Mockup Designs

Your brand is what makes you different to the next business. It helps make that all-important first impression and establish a relationship between you and your customer. And it’s your branding that reflects your business’s key values and personality.

A great looking logo is important, of course. But branding is more than a logo. We carefully choose a colour palette, layout, typography, font size and images that help tell the story of your brand and set you apart from the competition.

Mockup Designs

Congruency is making sure every element on the page, including headings, layout, colour and copy, work harmoniously together to support a common goal. What’s the goal? To help your customer thorough the browsing and purchase process.

Congruency reduces the friction on each page and makes sure your visitor’s attention is not distracted by another action (like a Follow Us on Twitter call out in the middle of a sales page). In summary, we ensure every page is designed to do the job it’s meant to do.

Content Collection

Consistency ensures your visitor has a positive interaction with your site. That means setting out the pages in a logical and coherent way.

So the logo is always in the same place on every page, and the colours and branding are consistent throughout. But we also ensure buttons are the same size and shape, calls to action are in the same place, and the colour of the links are uniform. Consistency ensures your site is easy on the eye and simple to use.

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