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Website development is like the foundation of a building: it needs to be strong and robust, and built by experts to do the job it’s meant to do.

Front end development

Front end

We make sure your customers enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience, where they can navigate your site easily and find what they’re looking for. We do this by removing hurdles.

So we make it fast, user friendly, content rich, organised and SEO friendly. We ensure customers find products easily through browsing or searching, we make the payment process simple and we ensure they can find help via FAQs, chat, email, form or phone number. We build trust and credibility, so your customer is totally confident in you as a seller and the products you sell.

Front end development is a process that delivers the promises made in the designing and UX stage.

Back end

Platforms like Magento, WordPress and Shopify come with a ready-made back end packed with functionality like products, orders and customer information.

But this often needs reconfiguring to support your particular product specification. For instance, the information you need to display to sell a watch would be different to the information needed to sell a sofa. So we shape back ends to suit your business.

We build back ends from scratch too which are fully customised and integrated with plugins for, for example, payments, accounting or delivery services. And if there’s no plugin available? We develop one, using API to connect the two systems.

web app

Progressive web applications (PWA) enables us to build websites using familiar technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript but with a front end technology that’s similar to the native apps you find on your mobile phone. The back end remains the same.

This makes browsing and searching much faster and easier than normal websites. Plus, we can offer all the features of native apps too, like push notifications.


Don't keep your customers waiting. Websites need to be fast to load.

We make sure your site is hosted in the best place, the size of the images are reduced and there aren't too many plugins which are slowing the site down. We also minimise the number of Javascript and CSS files. We use website caching so a brand new page doesn’t have to be delivered each time, and we optimise your database so it doesn’t slow the site down. We also use the correct fonts, remove 404 errors, and reduce page redirects. In a nutshell, we check every element of the site to ensure it’s as fast as possible.

Front end development


Quality assurance ensures your visitor enjoys the best user experience possible when they come to your website. We do this by thoroughly testing your site to uncover any flaws that may have occurred during the design and development stage.

We carry out code reviews, as well as cross browser, device, and load and speed testing. Plus, we do robust front end and back end testing


Developers are like artists and have their own styles and flourishes when it comes to writing code.

So we use development platform Github to ensure every individual line of code introduced by our developers is individually tested and then tested with the rest of the website.

That way we know all the code is clean and stable and there’s no chance of any buggy code slipping through the development net.

Modules and

Platforms such as Magento and WordPress come with a bunch of features and functionality.

But our developers extend their capabilities further by selecting the best modules and extensions from the market and installing and configuring these before doing an integration test. Or by writing their own modules and extensions, and pushing the boundaries as to what’s possible.


Your website must be thoroughly tested and checked end to end before it goes live.

We carry out a range of tests including device testing, load testing and browser testing before we hand your site over.

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