Seamless platform migration

Migrating a website to a new platform is like moving house. We make sure your utilities are up and running at the new place and we forward your post too. When it comes to migration, we ensure nothing gets lost in the move and there’s no downtime either.

Front end development


Data is the lifeblood of any ecommerce site. So we package it up and move it to the new site lock, stock and barrel. That means all your orders, products, SEO, customers, blog posts and pages.

We also ensure admin users and their roles are moved across too, so everyone who needs to can access the site from day one.


If you have APIs on your current site, we either reconfigure them to work on the new platform. Or we rewrite them.

Every migration is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. So every part is fully tested before we hand your site over.

Custom Features

If you have custom features set up on your current site, chances are you don’t want to lose them. And you won’t.

When we migrate your site, we use the new platform’s default features, or we add extensions. And if we can’t do either of those, we simply code your custom features on the new site, so they look and feel exactly the same.


The functionality of your website, in other words what your website can do and how it works, includes everything from dynamic content and interactivity to what tasks your visitor can perform.

When we transfer your site from one platform to another, we ensure the functionality you want to keep is set up on the new site, while integrating it with the rich functionality options on the new platform.

Integration with third party systems

Third party applications, from PayPal to Shopify to QuickBooks, are vital for the functioning of your site.

After migration to a new platform we put all third apps through their paces, and test, troubleshoot and resolve any issues. And where necessary reconfigure the application so it works seamlessly.

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