Fertility Help Hub

The brief

Fertility Help Hub is the leading fertility lifestyle hub for conception tips, expert interviews, nutrition and more.

Gathering insights about your customers’ shopping habits
Enticing customers with eyeball-grabbing ecommerce web design.
Using the latest standards to build strong and robust sites
Integrating third party apps for a seamless experience.
Delivering hands-on support at every step of the process

The Fertility Help Hub was using a Squarespace-based website which it had outgrown. The site was packed with a wide range of content types, including videos, podcasts, quizzes, giveaways and profiles, as well as having an ecommerce offering.

Our challenge was to migrate all the content on to a WordPress platform and into new categories, with a new design and layout that had to be consistent across all pages. We also had to ensure the home page had a modular layout, so a range of articles could be clearly displayed without the page looking overcrowded.


We took a top-down approach and ensured the design and layout for each page was created and then checked for consistency.

Engagement with readers was paramount, so we ensured visitors could reach the relevant section or area within a website within two clicks. All the articles were migrated using an automated process. And the SEO of the website was preserved by keeping the URL structure similar to the old website.

  • The modular home page means it’s simple to add, move or remove articles or sections as required
  • Overall look and feel of the website has improved tremendously
  • Visitor engagement has improved considerably
  • All the connections with social media have been streamlined