Taking Care of your Product Data

Data creation, management and optimisation

Your product data is your key ingredient. From categories and descriptions to features, prices and page titles. Up to date and complete product data ensures you reach your targeted audience.

Project Planning
Product reviews

Good reviews help sales. It’s as simple as that. So it’s important your customers are encouraged to leave a product review every time they make a purchase.

For all our ecommerce sites, we invite customers to review their purchase with personalised automated email prompts via TrustPilot and YOPTO. Reviews are then displayed dynamically on your site creating fresh, keyword rich content too.

SEO data

Using your unique product data is key to a successful SEO outcome.

So we ensure everything to do with product metadata, including page titles, meta description tags, keywords, internal links, images and alt tags, is systematically listed and uploaded into your new site.

Mockup Designs
Page titles and meta description tags

Keyword-rich page titles are vital for SEO and key to search engines finding your product pages. While meta description tags are two line mini ads which encourage people to click through to your page.

Both are important when it comes to getting traffic to your site. So we make sure every page on every website has a unique title and description tag that’s carefully crafted.

Content Collection
Image optimisation

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting ages for an image to load. Chances are, if it takes more than three seconds, half your visitors will click off. And that means your bounce rate will go up and your sales will go down.

To make your website load as speedily as possible, we reduce the file size of your image as much as we can, while making sure the quality remains high. It means your page loads faster and your customer enjoys an altogether speedier experience.

Mockup Designs
Data migration

We know high quality product data is key for delivering a good customer experience to your customer.

So when we migrate your site to a new platform, we make sure all your product data makes the journey too including URLs, descriptions, meta tags and images.

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