Gathering insights for a plan of action

Understanding your customers and how they shop, is fundamental to a successful ecommerce strategy. We unearth the gritty details of where you are now, and what is and isn’t working. Then we make recommendations to get you where you need to be.

Front end development

Ecom objectives

What are your objectives? Sell more products? Sure, that goes without saying. But how are you going to sell more?

We help you set out your key objectives, such as reaching new customers who have previously been too costly or difficult to reach. Or making the customer journey friction-free. Or creating a different type of customer experience that sets you apart from your competitors. When the objectives are set out in black and white, it makes it easier to achieve them.

Buyer personal

Understanding your customer and their needs and motivations is crucial to the success of your ecommerce website. We create the ideal purchaser based on age, location, job, spending power and how they buy your product, from awareness to consideration to the decision-making process.

When we understand your buyer, we can create a tailored online experience that spans the whole buying journey, from discovery, to purchase, delivery and support.

Market research

We don’t go on gut reactions or guesswork. Instead, we look at analytics, shopping habits, research and industry data, as well as interviews, discussions and surveys with real life customers. That way we have a full and detailed picture of your customer, from their interests, to their mindset and triggers. We also look at how they search and navigate, and the browsers and devices they use.

This information helps us decide how and when to target your customer, right down to what products to present to them.

Analysing existing

To design a newer, better ecommerce site, we look at every single aspect of your current site to see what’s working and what can be improved.

We analyse everything from branding, marketing, conversion rate and the look and feel of the website, to the infrastructure of the site, including your server and platform.

Proposed solutions

So having understood what does and doesn’t work, we present our findings and our proposed solutions.

From recommending a specific platform such as Shopify, Magneto or WooCommerce to improving the user experience and increasing the conversion rate.

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